West Sumatra in short

The prime tourist attractions of West Sumatra are the natural environment, and the culture and history of the Minangkabau and Mentawai people.
Natural attractions of the mainland include the tropical forests, mountains, volcanos, lakes, valleys, rivers & waterfalls in the highlands, the fauna and flora, and the beaches around Padang. Many areas are protected as part of National Parks and Reserves. The city of Bukittinggi is a popular central location in the highlands from which to explore the culture and history of the Minangkabau people, including architecture, crafts, dances, music and food. There are a number of museums and cultural centers. Pariaman has one of the famous festivals, Tabuik. The Mentawai Islands are a popular destination for surfers and those looking to experience the culture and more primitive lifestyle of the Mentawai people

The Board of the province of West Sumatra wants the village in Solok Selatan Seribu Rumah Gadang (West Sumatra) execute as cultural heritage by Unesco.
In the Seribu Rumah Gadang Minangkabau houses tourists find different types out there in West Sumatra.
A number of houses is used as a place for tourists.